Notes From the Pastor's Desk

April 7, 2024

Some Bible Cries

Photo of Pastor Walker Reading the Bible

Proverbs 9:3 says, “Cry upon the highest places of the city.” When you hear the cries on the streets of a large city you hear many different types. Some cries are cries for physical help or maybe for money. There are those that are so frustrated they just scream out loud just for the sake of screaming individually or at someone else. Consider with me some Bible cries.

I. A Cry for Mercy

Matt. 15:22 tells us of a woman whose daughter was vexed by a devil. There seemed to be no hope for her daughter because of the demon but where Jesus is there is hope. Notice this mother did three important things: she cried to the right person (unto Him), she cried for the right petition (mercy), and she cried for the right purpose (daughter grievously vexed with a devil). God still hears the prayers of the righteous today!

II. A Malicious Cry

Those who opposed and fought Jesus said, “Crucify Him, away with Him” (Jn. 19:6,15). The malicious cry revealed several things, namely: a revelation of hatred in their hearts, a revelation of ignorance in their minds, a revelation of a warped view of Christ. Some today are still very hostile and resistant to Christ, His words and His ways.

III. A Redeemer's Cry

Look at Matt. 27:46,50. When Jesus said, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me” — He speaks as a Redeemer. This cry is one of yielding to the will of the Father, regardless of a sense of abandonment. The Father temporarily abandoned the Son so that Jesus might suffer the sinner's eternal punishment on Calvary. Christ must have felt orphaned but it was through the bitterness of the cross He procured eternal blessings for me and for you.

IV. A Quickening Cry

See Jn. 11:43. There Jesus cried, “Lazarus come forth.” Since Jesus has life in Himself, since He is the Author and Giver of life, He can speak life to those who are dead and need a spiritual resurrection. When Christ says, “Come forth” — no one in heaven or hell can stop His wishes.

V. A Deciding Cry

Read John 18:40. The people cried, “Not this man but Barabbas.” Evil hearts had made a terrible choice. They chose an evil man over the Lord Jesus Christ. It is sad today that men choose pleasures, the pursuit of riches, and popularity over Christ.

VI. An Arousing Cry

Think about Matt. 25:6. The cry at midnight was, “The bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.” (Matt. 25:6). Without appealing to the O.T. bridal custom, it is stimulating to think about the Bridegroom of the church, the Lord Jesus, coming back to receive His own.

VII. A Disdainful Cry

They cried, “Away with such a fellow” (Acts 22:22,23). They had no use for Jesus. But, to those who believe Jesus is precious (1 Pet. 2:7).