Notes From the Pastor's Desk

May 12, 2024

A Special Mother

Photo of Pastor Walker Reading the Bible

1 Tim. 5:2 tells us we are to treat the older women in the church as mothers. Though that be true, there is nothing like one's own personal flesh and blood mother, especially if she is a good, godly person. Not all mothers are nearly what they ought to be, but thank God for those who are good, spiritual ladies that walk with the Lord daily.

I. The Mother's Lord

What a blessing to have a saved mother! Not everyone has that privilege in life. If you do, don't take the matter lightly. A mother who knows the Lord has a personal acquaintance with God. She knows that though other relationships often come and go in life, she has a personal God to walk and talk with here. In addition, the godly mother has a personal audience with God. She can go directly into the presence of the Lord and talk to Him about her family and her friends.

II. The Mother's Love

She has deep emotions and feelings for her children that only another mother can fully understand. I am going to say two things about a mother's love. First, it is an unconditional love. When a father at times may turn his back and walk away from his own flesh and blood, that is not as true as frequently with a mother. Her son does not have to do right all the time for her to love him.. Her love is also an unending love. The righteous mother will never stop loving her own. Her love will endure!

III. The Mother's Longings

The saved, sanctified mother has at least two dominate longings for her children. First, she desires for the conversion of her children to the Lord. She knows if her son or daughter were to own the entire world, that would be secondary to the son or daughter having a personal salvation experience with Christ. She not only longs for their conversion, she longs for them to be controlled. It is good to be saved, but she wants more than that for her flesh and blood. She wants them to be also filled with God's Spirit.

IV. The Mother's Life

The righteous mother wants to live the right kind of life. First it is a godly life. She sets a lifestyle for her sons and daughters to follow. Mothers are to be examples of the believers. As well, her life is not only a godly, but it is a glad life. She has joy!