Notes From the Pastor's Desk

July 7, 2024

America's Greatest Enemy

Photo of Pastor Walker Reading the Bible

The Bible says, in Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” There are many enemies in America but what is America's greatest enemy? Some would name individuals, while others would name other nations around the world. There are some nations that would love to see the destruction of America and would regard themselves as our enemies. We can place the blame for our woes in many areas, but I believe if we are Biblical and perfectly honest, we would have to say that “sin” is the greatest enemy we face in our nation or in any nation. Sin falls into two major aspects. First, there is failing to do what we should have done. That is a sin of omission. Secondly, there is a sin of commission, that is doing what we should not have done. We can blame a lot of things on the politicians, but in all reality, our society is fouled up because of sin in one form or another. If we would deal with our sins, we could rise higher. Three things will help us deal with our greatest enemy.

I. Face Our Sins

If we seek to deny our sins exist, then they will continue to stand in our way in our nation. There are all kinds of sins we need to face. A person would have to be blind to not realize the reality of sin. The Bible says sin is a “reproach” to any people. Our nation is discredited when sin is laughed and mocked at by our people. Oh, how long the list of sins could go, for instance-“lying, stealing, murdering (especially killing the unborn before they can come out of the womb), greed, jealousy, illegal drug traffic, taking lightly the marriage bond, etc..” We had better make sure we have owned up to our sins and dealt with them in confession (1 Jn. 1:9).

II. Forsake Our Sins

Read Prov. 28:13. In that verse we are told if we cover our sins, we will not prosper, but on the other hand if we will forsake our sins, we will have mercy. The word “forsake” means “to depart from or leave behind.” We are to leave our sins behind us and seek righteousness that our nation might be even greater.

III. Faith The Savior

By that phrase I mean to put faith in the Lord for salvation and for everything else we need beyond that point. Put faith in Him for salvation, protection, and direction. It is time as a nation that we understand, although we do not know our future, we can trust a living God who knows and cares for us. You can have trust in Him because of His faithfulness and dependability.